Shaved Steak (33548)

Philly Steak Sandwich

Shaved steak with green peppers, mushrooms and onions pan seared and topped with Provolone cheese


Philly Steak Flatbread

Peppers, onions and mushrooms with Canadian shaved steak on a crisp flatbread with shredded Provolone cheese and garnished with sliced hot peppers


Cowboy Steak Pizza

Shaved steak simmered in a smokey BBQ sauce and served alongside pepperoni and sausage and a 3 cheese blend


Steak & Mushroom Pasta

A rich parmesan cheese sauce tossed with shaved steak, a blend of 3 wild mushrooms and penne pasta


Steak & Cheese Grilled Cheese

The traditional grilled cheese with cheddar and Swiss on brioche bread with shaved steak stacked in the middle


Steak Stir-fry

Traditional Asian vegetable stir-fry with carrots, onions, peppers and bok choy tossed with shaved steak and served over basmati rice


Beef Quesadillas

A crisp quesadilla filled with Canadian shaved steak, peppers, green onions and 3 cheeses.  Served with sour cream and salsa


Steak & Spinach Wrap

Shaved steak simmered in teriyaki sauce and wrapped in a flour tortilla with spinach, roasted peppers, shredded carrots and a garlic aioli


Gaucho Steak Panini

Shaved steak on a toasted sour dough bread with a spicy chimichurri sauce and roasted red peppers


Spicy Steak Triple Cheese Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese with cheddar, Swiss and a horseradish cream cheese on brioche bread with shave steak


Steak & French Onion Soup

A rich sherry beef broth with caramelized Vidalia onions and shaved steak topped with melted Emmenthal cheese


Steak & Cheddar Omelette

A 3 egg Omelette folded with shaved steak, porcini mushrooms, black olives and Swiss cheese