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The food on our tables strengthens our bodies, our spirits and our bonds with each other. Healthful, soulful food should be a universal good and something we all can have.

But our food system has drifted from its roots – to nourish, to farm sustainably, to strive for social good, to connect deeply with our consumers.

The protein industry plays an enormous role in nourishing billions of people, but also consumes resources and impacts our planet.

At Maple Leaf Foods, we are continually working toward more sustainable food production and a more sustainable protein industry. We believe the best way to drive change is by creating shared value – delivering value for our Company through addressing the significant environmental and social challenges that we face as a society.

We are driven by a conviction that Maple Leaf Foods can raise everyone to better living and to a better life by raising the good in food, and through our mission vision to be the most sustainable protein company on earth.

Our Vision and Approach

Our vision to be the most sustainable protein company on earth and our shared value framework have helped define our four sustainability pillars:

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Better Food

We are actively addressing the most pressing diet-related health issues we face as a society, including reducing artificial ingredients, antibiotics use and sodium levels, and continually advancing leadership in food safety.

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Better Care

We have strong values that deeply define our culture and how we operate. These values extend to how we treat animals we raise or source. Better care for animals is one of our four sustainability priorities, and it reflects our goal to be a leader in animal care.

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Better Communities

We value our communities and work collaboratively with organizations to reduce food insecurity in Canada. We value a culture and work environment that keeps people safe, rewards excellence and empowers everyone to learn and contribute their best.

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Better Planet

We focus on eliminating waste in any resources we consume – including food, energy, water, packaging and time. In 2019, we became the first major food company in the world to be carbon neutral, and the first Canadian food company to set science-based targets for greenhouse gas emissions.

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