A restaurant’s expectation on delivering high quality experiences and products have become even stronger than pre-COVID.  Through the years of being industry leaders, we’ve curated top quality products and used them to develop mouthwatering menu applications with the goal of supporting your restaurant’s growth and innovation this fall.

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Matching up The Right Wing With The Right Customer

Consumers continue to want comforting, craveable foods and are showing no signs of slowing down. (Dataessential Trends 2021)

Plain Wing
(SKU #64280)

1 plainwing 1

Designed for the fryer and ready to be finished with any myriad of sauces and spices

Mild Zinger Wing
(SKU #64399)

2 mildwing 1 1

Lightly coated and ready to go out plain and offer the sauce on the side for dipping

Spicy Wing
(SKU #17345)

3 spicywing 1

With a kick on their own, these wings can be either fried or baked

Fried Chicken Finger Foods


Over the last 2 years, chicken-focused restaurants have continued to outperform the limited service restaurant market in sales (Source: Sense 360). (NPD CREST July 2021)

Chicken Dippers
(SKU #64004)

10 dippers1 1

Buffalo Boneless

Hand cut battered chicken breast pieces fried golden and tossed in a traditional Buffalo wing sauce with a cool Blue cheese dip

11 dippers2 1

Butter Chicken

Fried chicken breast pieces simmered in an authentic butter chicken sauce served with basmati rice

Crispy Home-Style Chicken Breast Strips (SKU #43847)

12 breast1 1

Chicken Caesar
Snack Wraps

Crispy breaded chicken strips wrapped in a warm flour tortilla with a garlic Caesar dressing, romaine and parmesan 

13 breast2 1

50/50 Chicken Strips and Veggies

Crisp breaded chicken strips served up with fresh cut peppers, carrots and cucumbers with a buttermilk ranch and a spicy tomato sauce

Popcorn Chicken
(SKU #13259)

14 popcorn1 1

Popcorn Chicken

Crisp popcorn chicken bites fried golden and served with herbed fries and dipping sauces

15 popcorn2 1

Chicken Parm Pizza

Breaded chicken bites tossed on tomato sauce & topped with shaved parmesan cheese on our traditional pizza with mushrooms & onions


Versatile Crowd Pleaser That Elevates Any Dish

Canadian consumers continue to rank Nationally/Locally sourced products as #1 in importance.
(NPD CREST Aug 2021)

Pulled Pork
(SKU #26980)

4 pulledpork1 1 1

Mexican Carnitas Pulled Pork Power Bowl

Slow braised pulled pork with garlic, onion, lime and orange and served with fresh vegetables and rice

5 pulledpork2 1

Korean Pulled Pork Tacos

Tender pulled pork simmered with a savoury Korean BBQ sauce and served on warm grilled tortillas with cilantro, braised cabbage, cucumber and a fresh garlic aioli finished with lime

Pulled Beef
(SKU #26985)

6 pulledbeef1 1

French Onion Pulled Beef Sandwich

Shredded beef simmered in a rich brandy and beef broth infused Onion soup on a garlic butter grilled Kaiser with smokey BBQ sauce drizzle

7 pulledbeef2 1

Not Your Mom’s Shepherd’s Pie

A steak sauce infused braised beef topped with peas, corn and root veggies and a garlic mashed potato finished off with frizzled onions

Pulled Chicken
(SKU #26995)

8 pulledchicken1 1

The Ultimate
Cobb Salad

Tender shredded chicken served up with avocado, shredded cheddar, tomato, cucumber and chopped egg over fresh greens

9 pulledchicken2 1

Chicken Wraps

Pulled chicken seasoned with fresh herbs and lemon wrapped in a warm tortilla with peppers, onions, fresh greens and cilantro


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