Helping Our Communities

Emergency Food Relief

  • Partnership with Maple Leaf Centre for Action on Food Security
  • $500,000 in financial and food contributions recently committed
  • Matching campaign to raise an additional $2 million 

$2.5 million to Canadian Frontline Healthcare Professionals Protection Fund

  • Fund provides additional financial support for front line health care   workers.  

Financial Support to our Front-Line Workers

  • $80 per week bonus
  • CERB top-up when front-line workers are off work for COVID-related reasons

Protecting our People:  Key Focus Areas

  • Daily health screening
  • Daily temperature checks
  • Mandatory face coverings
  • Careful social distancing
  • Scrupulous sanitation
  • ‘Stay home when sick’ culture

Daily Health Screening and Temperature Checks

  • Must complete a verbal questionnaire covering possible symptoms and potential exposures
  • Must be temperature screened. Temperatures above ___ are sent home
Covid screening image

Mandatory Face Coverings – Even On Arrival

People with face masks Image
  • Face coverings were used in many areas of our plants before COVID
  • Now, face coverings are required for ALL team members at all sites, even upon arrival

Careful Social Distancing

At all our sites, we’ve increased social distancing…

  • On the lines, where possible
  • In lunchrooms through assigned seating that is well spaced and clearly marked
  • Through trailers to decrease density during breaks
  • In any area where people line up
Social Distancing Image

Scrupulous Sanitation

sanitation image
  • Before COVID, plants were sanitized daily. Since COVID, sanitation increased significantly in common welfare areas
  • Regular ‘Deep Cleans’ done of all areas of plant including offices
  • Increased hand-washing
  • Hand sanitizer provided throughout the plants

‘Stay Home When Sick’ Culture

  • Convey verbally at all meetings and visually ‘Stay Home When Sick.’
  • Tell our Team Members “When you take care of yourself, you can take care of all of us.”
  • Daily health screenings reinforce message 
stay home poster image