What do consumers want from restaurants in 2024?

Healthy eating that is craveable is currently the #1 unmet consumer need and there is a big opportunity to fix this, says Dataessential.  They predict more people are going to act on ‘I need to do something that is healthy.’ They say they have strong empirical evidence that consumers are voting with their pocketbooks for something that’s healthier. (Source: State Of The Eater, Youtube)

“People prioritizing experiences over goods will be a continued tailwind for restaurants” Roger Matthews, Bank Of America.  Recent analysis from the Bank Of America indicates restaurant industry recovery will continue in the year ahead with consumers continuing to demonstrate a preference for spending money on doing things (experiences) rather than buying things. (Source: The American Restaurant Consumer: Resilient Yet Selective, Nation’s Restaurant News)

As new restaurant consumer reports are published, we will keep you updated. Here’s the latest…