Culinary Creations Edition 2

24 Culinary Creations BARBECUE PULLED PORK AND SWEET PEACH SPRING ROLL From The Martin Family Kitchen INGREDIENTS • Schneider’s Natural Pulled Pork • Hot water • Rice paper • Peaches • Bib lettuce • Cucumber • Apple • Sweet Chili dipping sauce DIRECTIONS 1. Warm pulled pork on a sauce pan 2. Slice peaches, set aside 3. Cut apple and cucumber into strips, set aside 4. Rip lettuce into small pieces, set aside 5. Submerge rice paper in hot water for f ive seconds, remove and lay flat on plate 6. Close t o one edge of the rice paper stack peaches, apple, cucumber, lettuce and pulled pork 7. Fold side closest to the f illing over to enclose f illing, tuck in sides and continue to roll rice paper 8. Enjoy with your favourite sweet chili dipping sauce