Culinary Creations Edition 2

12 Culinary Creations MY “THAI” BAHN MI WITH SPICY SCHNEIDERS NATURAL PULLED PORK, CANDIED WHISKEY, SEASONED WITH GARLIC, SAMBAL OLEK AND KETJAP MANIS. From The Award Winning Grams Family Kitchen BASE INGREDIENTS • 6”-8” French Style Baguettes • About 1 lb Fully Cooked Schneiders Natural Pulled Pork 4-6 oz / baguette. WET INGREDIENTS • 3 fl oz Ketjap Manis (sweet soya sauce) • 2-4 tsp Sambal Olek (spicy chili paste) • Cloves of Garlic, chopped • Limes, juiced • Veg Marinade • 4 fl oz Rice Wine Vinegar • 2 tsp White Sugar VEGETABLES • 1 Carrot , peeled, julienned to matchstick size about ½ oz / sandwich or to taste • 1 Daikon Radish, peeled, julienned to matchstick size about ½ oz / sandwich or to taste • English Cucumber , sliced ¼ inch thick, need 5-6 / sandwich in total OTHER SANDWICH INGREDIENTS • 4 T. Mayonnaise • some Slightly Chopped Cilantro CANDIED WHISKEY • ½ C. White Sugar • ½ Cup Crown Royal or choice of whiskey’s DIRECTIONS 1. • Set Oven to 350 to warm buns • Slice the buns lengthwise, leave the crust connected, set aside until step # 5 • In a dish, combine wet ingredients 2. • Combine ingredients for Vegetable Marinade, in a small saucepan, bring to high simmer / low boil until sugar dissolved. • Remove f rom hot pot to a small bowl, place this in f ridge to cool quickly, 5-10 minutes. • Once cool, marinade the julienned vegetables and cucumbers for 15-30 minutes. • Drain and set aside. 3. • Start heating pulled pork in a f ry pan, medium low heat with lid, more of a simmer to just warm the meat. 165 D. F. 4. • The exciting and dangerous part…Separately, in a small f ry pan, heat the whiskey to high simmer, burn off the alcohol. • Add sugar, continue to simmer at medium high being careful not to burn the sugar. • The goal here is to have the mixture melt the sugar, reduce the whiskey and turn to a slightly thickened syrup. Should be thickened but not too thick. • Keep this simmering low until the pork is hot. 5. • Place the buns in the hot oven to crisp up the crusts a bit. • Add the f inal Wet ingredients to the warmed Natural Pulled pork, combine well. • The goal here is to make sure the wet ingredients are absorbed slightly and the temp is returned to 165 F range again. 6. Assembly • Pull the warmed buns f rom the oven • Slather mayo to taste on each bun • Add the Natural Pulled Pork, divided by four and spread across the bottom side of the bun • To the top side, add f irst the cucumber slices across the length. • Add a generous amount of the pickled Julienned Carrot and Daikon Radish across the length of the baguette. • Finish by drizzling the candied whiskey over all ingredients, meat and vegetables. • Divide the candied whiskey equally over all sandwiches. • The goal here is to drizzle lines of the candied whiskey. This will harden into zig zag lines. • Finish with a sprinkle of the f resh cilantro across the length of each Baguette. • Slice each in half on a diagonal if desired… • Enjoy!