Culinary Creations Edition 2

Culinary Creations 21 PULLED PORK TARTS From The Plumley Family Kitchen Use this appli Appetizer or full meal s cation as an 2 - 3 with creamy dill c erved oles on the s law ide or on top . PULLED PORK FILLING INGREDIENTS • 2-onions • 3-cups o f BBQ sauce (your choice) • 1-sleeve of Schneider’s All-Natural Pulled Pork TART SHELLS INGREDIENTS • 1-Tenderflake lard • 5-cups all-purpose flour • 1-tsp salt • 1-tbsp vinegar • 1-egg • 1-cup of cold water PASTRY TART SHELLS DIRECTIONS 1. Follow directions on the Tenderflake packaging then rol l out into 32 Tart shells. PULLED PORK FILLING DIRECTIONS 2. Dice Two onions sauté them up in large pot, add the one sleeve of pulled pork and 3 cups of BBQ sauce of choice, make sure the sauce covers the pork allows it fall apart. Warm the product through put 1.5/oz-2oz of pulled pork mixture into the tart shell cook for 18 mins at 425F.