Digital restaurant ordering by adults 65 years and older has increased by 428%!  This may represent an exciting opportunity to ensure your off-premise platform addresses the unique needs of older adults.

  • Ease Of Use is essential to making online ordering more attractive and for that to happen – it has to be intuitive
  • Right-Size Choices & Options because too many options leads to decision fatigue and abandoning the transaction
  • Accessibility & Readability are the most common issues – this includes content that seniors feel is written for another audience or feels patronizing
  • Visible Nutritional Labels help in the decision making process

According to Pew Research Center, 73% of adults 65 and older are Internet users – more than half of people 65 and older are now smartphone users.  A 2016 study by Cornell University found that seniors eat out more than their millennial counterparts.  What are they eating?  According to NPD, CREST YE February 2020, consumers aged 65+ over-index for many breakfast foods including Eggs, Hashbrowns, Toast, and Bacon. Consumers aged 65+ also over-index for Deli Sandwiches and Pork Entrée’s.   For off-premise menu idea’s & multiple meal bundles that appeal to seniors, please visit our products page.