Halal demand is booming with Statistics Canada projecting Canada’s Muslim population will top 1.4 million next year and is projected to exceed the size of the Chinese ethnic market by 2021.   According to Nourish Food Marketing’s 5th annual Halal Shopper Study, 57% of halal shoppers felt their needs weren’t being adequately met by grocery store chains – this represents a potential opportunity for restaurants to offer halal options on their menu’s or even bulk pack Halal options which are well suited to large, multigenerational families living under 1 roof.


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TRUST is everything to restaurant patrons and we have the most trusted brands in Canada.  Proudly Canadian, our Mina Halal Brand  is strictly Zabeeha by hand and verified by the Halal Monitoring Authority (HMA). 


A report by Nourish Marketing Inc. indicates that the market for halal products in Canada could exceed that for Chinese foods by next year.