Momentum for all-things Chicken, continues to accelerate in the North American & Global marketplace.   In a recent article by Forbes, hundreds of people waited hours for the opportunity to try Popeyes’ signature chicken sandwich which made its debut in China in May 2020.  In North America, we are seeing increased momentum for premium chicken sandwiches – including breakfast!

At Maple Leaf Foods, we have the right chicken product for your signature sandwich – all day, everyday.

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Canadian Chicken: Popular, Sustainable & Price Stable

  • 1978 annual consumption was 13kgs per person – today its 34.6 kgs per person
  • Carbon footprint of Canadian chicken per kilogram is lower than other livestock commodities produced in North America
  • 63% of the energy that is used to raise chickens comes from renewable sources
  • KFC’s Nivera Wallani (President & GM) “choosing Cdn chicken was a natural fit for their brand – it’s at the core of everything we do.”
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