Summer Grilling Menu Solutions

Summer is just around the corner and with that comes customers eager to enjoy the outdoors and dine at restaurants. We want to help you attract diners by elevating these summer classics. Through the years of being industry leaders, we’ve curated top-quality products and used them to develop mouthwatering menu applications with the goal of supporting your restaurant’s growth and innovation this summer.


A consumer favourite in both classic and elevated formats

Drive excitement to this menu staple by offering unique varieties of toppings and limited-time feature burgers. If you are making a signature burger you need to stack it with items from the garden, unique sauces, a second meat offering as well as a crunch factor with chips, frizzed onions or tortilla chips.

burger 1
SKU Description SAP Code Item Code View Image
SCH BROILED BEEF BURGER 3OZ FZ 4.54KG 62000415222 41522 Imageview Icon
SCH FC 4.7OZ ANGUS BURGER FZ 4.54KG 62000616110 41611 Imageview Icon
SCH FULLY COOKED 4OZ BURGER FZ 4.5KG 62000416106 41610 Imageview Icon
SCH FULLYCKD TURKEY BURGER 3OZ FZ 4.54KG 63100556921 55692 Imageview Icon
SCH FC 3.5OZ ANGUS BURGER FZ 4.54KG 62000416127 41612 Imageview Icon


Fire Up Flavour With Our Dinner Sausages

Maple Leaf Foods ranks #1 when it comes to dinner sausages. Our sausages are easy to defrost and come in a variety of flavours making them a perfect protein add-on. Include one in a mix grill offering that includes half sausage, 4oz chicken breast and a small steak or mix it up by adding sausage to a pasta dish.

sausage 1
SKU Description SAP Code Item Code View Image
SCH CHEDDAR SAUSAGE 7IN 4/LB FZ 5.44KG 62000252568 25256 Imageview Icon
SCH OKTOBERFEST SAUSAGE FZ 4.35KG 62000249032 24903 Imageview Icon
SCH ROLL GRL ITAL MLD 7IN 3/LB FZ 5.4KG 62000631851 63185 Imageview Icon
SCH JALAPENO CHEESE RG SAUSAGE FZ 5.44KG 63100400002 40000 Imageview Icon
SCH OKT ROLL GRL SMKD SAUS 4/LB FZ 5.44K 62000245638 24563 Imageview Icon
SCH ROLL GRL DEBRAZZINI 4/LB FZ 5.44KG 62000389547 38954 Imageview Icon


Gourmet hot dogs are all the rage

Hot Dogs have shown strong recovery over the past 2-years growing by nearly 10M servings compared to a year ago. (The NPD Group 2023)

Past the standard condiments, do you offer multitudes of toppings or suggest a signature build that you are known for? Put a twist on this summer staple with specialty toppings and artisan buns to continue the growth.

SKU Description SAP Code Item Code View Image
SCH ROLL GRL WIENER 7IN 5/LB FZ 5.44KG 62000136769 13676 Imageview Icon
SCH ROLL GRL WIENER 7IN 8/LB FZ 5.44KG 62000136844 13684 Imageview Icon
SCH ALL BEEF WIENER 7IN 5/LB FZ 5.44KG 62000119403 11940 Imageview Icon
SCH ROLL GRL WIENER 6IN 10/LB FZ 5.44KG 62000136417 13641 Imageview Icon
SCH ALL BEEF WIENER 7IN 8/LB FZ 2X2.72KG 62000110967 11096 Imageview Icon
SCH RG NAT WNR 7″5/LB FZ 5.44KG 63100136055 13605 Imageview Icon
SHOPSY’S JUMBO WIENER 7IN 5/LB FZ 5.44KG 64875715107 71510 Imageview Icon

Plant-Based Alternatives

​​Plant-based eating has been on the rise, so what better way to cater to these consumers than by incorporating our delicious plant-based products on your menu. Our products are made with simple, delicious ingredients creating the perfect palate for your unique sauces and toppings.

alternateprotein large2
SKU Description SAP Code Item Code View Image
FR JUMBO SIG STADIUM DOG FZ 4X1.2KG 63803162653 62653 Imageview Icon
LIGHTLIFE PLANT BASED BURGER 113G 43454001070 00107 Imageview Icon

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