A series of helpful videos that show you how to prepare multiple menu offerings using our most versatile products.

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Chef Keppy and our team showcase some of our most versatile products that lend themselves to multiple menu applications that allow for easy customization and help you manage food costs.

55537 SP Wings

Chicken Wings, Chicken Strips, Raw Chicken

LL0220 Burger Hero 1852  Scaled

Plant-Based LightLife Burger, Grounds, Field Roast Crumble, CHAO Cheese, Breakfast Sausage, Tempeh Bacon

RWA Fast Scratch Chorizo Breakfast Pizza Low Rez E1591755925316

Chorizo Sausage Meat Applications

Pulled Chicken Flatbread Product Featured

Shaved Steak, Pulled Chicken, Country Sausage

48111 Greenfield Pulled Pork Soft Taco 1

Pulled Pork, Pork Side Rib, and Easy Carve Ham

Sausages E1605906233572

Appetizers: Sausages, Chicken Dippers, Button Bones, Halal Wing, Pork Shanks


With all the fast changes occurring within our Foodservice industry, there are questions that have never come up before.

Let us help you find the right answers.

Breaded Chicken Wings Image

If you are going to send product to the customer’s home for them to reheat or cook you need to choose the right products.  Households do not all have convection style ovens and they will not get the same even colour on the product.  These Foodservice products were originally designed for fryers, convection ovens and high temperature pizza deck ovens.  For Home cooking the best options will be a fully cooked wing that is not breaded so that it can crisp up properly.  Breaded wings in a conventional oven can be brought up to the internal temp of 165°F (74°C) and still have a soft not crispy breading.  Letting a frozen wing defrost before placing them in the oven will help speed up the cooking process.

For home cooking the best choices are:

  • Oven Roasted Wing (57630)
  • Plain Wing (64280)
  • Hot & Spicy Wing (17345)
  • Mina Halal Krispy Wing (15153)
Pulled Pork Nachos Image

Pulled Pork is a well established standard on the menu today.  The default use for it is a pulled pork sandwich but there is so much more it can be.  Our pulled pork comes to you slow roasted and not sauced so that operators can customize there offerings with signature seasonings, sauces and builds.  Pulled pork is a great upsell to a nacho, a custom BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza, a Cubano Sandwich and a topper for a custom Pulled Pork Mac’N Cheese.

Pulled Pork (69852)

Click here to view multiple menu applications for Pulled Pork

Mina Raw Chicken Drumsticks Image

Operators can offer Halal products in their operation today.  The Muslim population want to have the same chicken offerings available to everyone from nuggets to rotisserie chickens.  For this to happen we need to use the correct ingredients and follow some basic rules to ensure the food is handled properly.  This begins with buying Halal certified product.  There are many certifications available, Maple Leaf uses H.M.A. Halal Monitoring Authority the certifies all poultry is HAND slaughtered and individually blessed.  Our Mina Halal Foodservice website has proper food handling procedures for your operation, and we can discuss specific procedures with you if you require.  The most important thing to remember is that the product needs to be Separated, Segregated and Sanitized.  If a Muslim guest asks if you can prepare a Halal meal you should explain the kitchen’s segregation policies and how the meal can be prepared for them.

Chicken Wings Image

The factors to decide on when choosing the wing are will they retain their heat and their texture for delivery.  Choosing a fully cooked breaded wing is a safer option and will be quicker to prepare.  To keep the heat and quality for delivery the best choice is a breaded wing that retains the heat and stays tender and juicy.

Maple Leaf has 3 products that match that criteria:

  • Crispy Wing (17309)
  • Zinger Wing – Mild (64339)
  • Zinger Wing – Spicy (64299)

If you are building your curbside and take-out business consider adding a “boneless” option:

  • Chicken Dippers (64004)
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