Culinary Creations Edition 2

18267RZ_a RWA Black Forest Ham Introducing NEW Schneiders double smoked, raised without antibiotics, Black Forest Ham. Product claims have become increasingly important to consumers. Maple Leaf has recognized that demand and is providing products, such as the Black Forest Ham, to meet those demands. Features: • No antibiotics ever • No hormones eve r** • Raised on Canadian farms • 100% vegetarian fed • Double smoked using real hardwood chip smoking Benefits: • There is continued momentum of increased importance for menu items that contain meat that is raised without the use of antibiotics • Customers are willing to pay on average a 16% higher premium for menu items that contain meat raised without antibiotic s* • Whole piece deli ham can be a versatile ingredient, can be used in breakfast applications, lunch sandwiches, wraps, and salads Specifications: SCC Code: 00063100486051 ML code: 48605 Packaging: 2/CS Pallet Configuration: 10 CS per layer, 70 CS per pallet Shelf Life: 70 days Ingredients: Pork, water, potassium lactate, salt, sodium phosphate, sodium diacetate, carrageenan, sodium erythorbate, dextrose, sodium nitrite, potassium chloride, smoke. *S ource:NPD Group; Consumer Demand for Food Claims, June 2016 **N o added growth hormones or steroids … as all other pork raised in Canada 105 4.19 g 1.4 g 0.01 g 33.4 mg 901 mg 0.91 g 0.67 g 0.08 g 15.9 g Nutrition Facts Valeur nutritive Per 100 g / par 100 g Calories / Calories Fat / Lipides Saturated / saturés + Trans / trans Cholesterol / Cholestérol Sodium / Sodium Carbohydrate / Glucides Fibre / Fibres Sugars / Sucres Protein / Protéines Vitamin A / Vitamine Vitamin C / Vitamine C Calcium / Calcium 0.79 mg 26.5 RE 0.41 mg 5.38 mg Iron / Fer For more information or recipe ideas visit: or call 1 800 567 1900