Culinary Creations Edition 2

Cookbooks, more than any other type of book, are a collaborative effort. From the initial concept, through recipe development, plating and photography, it takes a ‘bunch of foodies’ to produce a f irst class book. At Maple Leaf Foods, we pride ourselves on being Passionate People, Passionate About Food. So when we shipped a sample of Schneiders, Canadian Farm Raised, Slow Roasted Pulled Pork to the homes of our North American Foodservice team and asked them to ‘create something’, we had no idea what we’d get back. THE RESULTS WERE ASTOUNDING AND INSPIRATIONAL. Who knew that f rom our Slow Roasted Pulled Pork we would see recipes such as Peruvian inspired ‘Pulled Por-K-Rockets’, Carnival Eats ‘Deep Fried Cubano On A Stick’, ‘My Thai Bahn Mi’ or ‘Benny & The Jets’. The magic behind this incredibly versatile product is that it’s fun to work with, supports Canadian farmers and contributes to food waste reduction due to its ready-to-innovate design. If you’re like us, once you’ve seen these recipe concepts, you’ll be asking yourself what can’t be done with this product? We invite you to explore the pages that follow and hope you’ll be inspired to consider the merits of this Canadian Farm Raised, Gluten Free, All Natural product for your operation. Maple Leaf Foodservice Team